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Hydration from the inside out

Hydration from the inside out.


Something that always intrigues me when I observe behaviour, is that most of us are happy to pay a sometimes not so reasonable amount of money to achieve the advertised stunning, ageless looks and happiness with no effort. One prime example is the prize especially us females pay for moisturisers, eye creams, anti-wrinkle creams, anti-ageing serums and more without even considering the importance of hydration from the inside for our general health and bodily functions. While we do need to moisturise our skin from the outside, I have made it a goal for the New Year for myself and encourage everybody to ensure you hydrate your body sufficiently from the inside. While the Australian Dietary Guidelines don’t recommend a specific amount of water, but simply recommend we ‘drink plenty of water’; there are the Nutrient Reference Values advising that adult men should drink 10 cups and adult women should drink about eight cups of water every day. – That is for an average day. If it is a hot day, if you are sick or you exercise intensely you have to drink even more! Why is water so important? What does it do in our body? Water

  • transports nutrients and oxygen and cell waste.

  • is nearly a universal solvent (except for fats, oils, waxes, etc

  • water flushes kidneys and liver

  • is a major ingredient in body fluids. Not only for joints and the digestive tract, even when we breathe, we need water based lubrication.

  • Is a shock absorber. – Your joints contain sacs filled mostly with water and water makes up the filling of your vertebral discs that allow you to bend twist and jump.

  • regulates your temperature.

Many people report that their skin has a more radiant glow after drinking sufficient water to rid the body and skin of toxins. Nothing will happen overnight, but even after a few weeks of increased water intake you should notice how hydration affects your skin. And if you are on a weight loss journey, drinking a cup or two of water prior to your meals can increase your weight loss!

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