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What do others say about me?

My clients' goals are my priority, I work hard to support their success. But don't take my word for it. This is what some of my clients had to say. Feel free to check out the Google reviews if you wish. 

If you would like to work with me, as a Personal Trainer, YogaTeacher, Pilates Instructor, one on one or in a small group get in touch so we can get started. 



I’m in week 4 of the 28 day plan and have found the online support and motivation from Rose to be invaluable. The exercise videos have been easy to follow and Rose is always available by email to encourage and answer any questions. All previous fitness attempts usually do not last the first week so I am extremely happy to be progressing and motivated in week 4! Thank you Rose for your encouragement.

Tropical Leaves


Thank you Rose for getting me on track after back/hip injury. Rose has helped me transition from weekly physio to monthly. My physio is really pleased with my progress since starting yoga. I’m excited about increasing my flexibility also the yoga sets me up for the day ahead at work. Rose has researched my injuries to provide an individualised programme, which I highly recommend.

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Daxttar Sarn 

Rose is a motivating trainer! 

My wife and I were fortunate to attend multiple group training sessions with Rose over the last two months with great results.These sessions were varied, creative and fun! 

​One memorable highlight for my wife was when Rose was able to impart the encouragement and the confidence needed when dealing with her balance. Balance has long been a challenge, and Rose broke down that barrier, past the fear resulting in jumping on the bosu ball multiple times! Very happy!! Thanks Rose!

I was lucky enough to receive 8 PT sessions over the course of a month with Rose, and I am stoked with the results so far! At a crossroads where I desperately wanted to lose weight, yet totally lacking confidence in the gym, the last few weeks was the kick start I needed. Thanks so much for the opportunity Rose!!! I am feeling healthier, stronger and happier!



Rose introduced me to yoga. She very kindly held lunchtime yoga sessions at our workplace and we felt the impact immediately after doing the first session. Aching muscles were stretched and we became more confident with our posture and overall balance in subsequent sessions. The prompting from Rose was gentle but firm, encouraging us to push ourselves. Thanks heaps, wish we can do more of those.

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When I came to Rose 3mths ago I had very poor upper body strength & due to medication I had very painful carpal tunnel in my arms & hands.
I now am & feel so much stronger the pain in my arms & hands is nearly gone.
Rose has not only helped me, she has helped my children.The breathing exercises Rose has taught me, I have taught my children.
Just recently my 14yr old son had a math exam which he was very anxious about, he told me when he got into the class room he was scared & found it hard to breath, he said I remembered what you said & I used the breathing exercises you taught us.
I was so proud of him & I just found out he actually improved his grade
I can not recommend Rose highly enough.
Rose you have helped me come so far in just 3mths & you have not only helped myself but my family as well thank you 🌺

I've done PT training with Rose for a few weeks already I' ve lost some weight and gone down in measurements. When I first started with Rose she noticed that my shoulders were sitting uneven and they were quite sore from my desk job. Already my shoulders are aligned and the pain has stopped. I feel stronger with more energy. Each session is worth every minute.





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