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Balance - Do you really need it?

Why is balance so important in your life?

For endurance athletes, balance helps you run harder, bike longer and swim stronger. If you have good balance you move more efficiently and with better control.

We differentiate between 'static balance' and 'dynamic balance'. Static balance is holding our centre of mass over the base support while the body is stationary; e.g. standing on one leg, squats etc. Dynamic balance is required when your body moves.

There are many sports that require balance; apart from the obvious like

  • surfing

  • equestrian and

  • gymnastics,

dynamic balance is needed for

  • Baseball

  • fencing

  • golf

  • boxing

  • tenpin bowling

  • table tennis and

  • lawn balls.

Most importantly there are many daily activities and things you love or have to do that require balance:

  • Playing with your children/grand children

  • Standing up from a seated position

  • Moving on a boat

  • Getting into your car

  • Walking up the stairs to your seat in a cinema or theatre

  • Standing on a ladder

If you think about it that way, balance helps you to maintain your freedom.

Balance also helps to reduce back pain as it strengthens your core.

Although there are many exercises to improve your balance, which I incorporate in the training programs for my clients, I find the best way to improve your balance is a regular yoga practice. Yoga works on improving your balance, not only physically but also mentally.

Committing to a regular yoga practice helps you to:

  • Stop, take a deep breath and regroup

  • Move with awareness

  • Listen to your body's feedback

  • Manage your thoughts

  • Improve your static balance

  • Improve your dynamic balance

Commit to at least one yoga practice per week and observe how your physical and life balance improves.


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