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You are never too old or too young to improve your health and fitness. If you plan to live independently as long as possible and enjoy the activities you love, or want to be a fit and healthy Mum to enjoy the activities of Motherhood, you need to start moving NOW. You can start at any fitness level, any age and stage of your life.

Increase Strength, Balance and Flexibility

Don’t worry, you won’t look bulky, if you start weight training. Lifting shopping bags, babies and baby capsules requires strength; getting in and out of a car requires flexibility and preventing falls requires balance.

Find Happiness and Lasting Calm

Did you know that yoga and meditation can modulate brain mechanisms that affect behaviour and anxiety? Ask me about different types of meditation e.g meditation for stress and anxiety management, visualisation to increase performance and train our brains. Consider personal or group yoga sessions.

Make friends and Build a Community through Small Group Training Sessions

I facilitate boot camps for children and adults, boxing classes and group yoga sessions to assist you in forming friendships and building a local community with like minded people. You will be able to share common interests, share your energy, hold each other accountable and have lots of fun along the way!


Hi, my name is Rose.


I am a holistic Health and Wellness Coach.


Let me help you to live your best life in the healthiest body you can have! Over the years, I have learnt, that you can only change your body, if you change your way of thinking and create a lifestyle which serves you. Change is certainly not easy and often we need somebody to help us along the way. I would love to be the person supporting you in reaching your goals, the person providing guidance in mindful and safe movements, encouraging you to reach your potential and go beyond what you think you can do!

While working long days in a corporate environment, I have always been conscious about the fact that we only have one body and have to look after it. Therefore, working out in a gym for as often as I could and eating reasonably healthy was always part of my routine. In 2006 I came to a point where I had accrued a few unwanted kilos and the usual diet didn’t seem to work anymore. I decided to enter a 12-week transformation challenge at my gym which was an unexpected life changing experience.

The biggest realisation was how much I had limited myself through my self-talk: “My job is to demanding, I possibly can’t go to the gym more often, I can push myself hard enough without the help of a Personal Trainer, it’s in my genes, I will never be able to change my shape etc” Needless to say that with the support of a Personal Trainer during the challenge,  I worked out 6 times a week, I changed my shape, I realised that ‘my limits’ were only the limits in my thoughts driven by fear, not the limits in my physical ability, I won the challenge and the best part is that the changes I made then are still my lifestyle 14 years later.

This is why helping anybody who is willing to make a change and live a healthy life is my passion. The successful transformation of my body and mind, has empowered me to also make big changes in my professional life, leading to a much more fulfilled and rewarding life.

Having a corporate management background helps me to understand the impact work and family has on your lifestyle and your health and allows me to share with my clients what they can do to look after the only body they have in the best possible way!

In addition to my considerable life experience, I have the following Qualifications:


2015 Certificate III in Fitness 2015 Certificate IV in Fitness


2015 Older Adult Trainer


2015 Children Trainer


2015 TRX Suspension Training Course


2015 TRX Functional Training Course


2015 Hyperwear SandBells Training Course


2016 Vinyasa Flow Yoga Teacher Training


2018 Kettlebell basics


2018 TRX Functional Training Course



2018 200 Hours Bonfire Hot Yoga and Vinyasa Teacher Training


2018 Pregnancy and Post Natal Exercise


2018 Mind and Body Meditation


2018 Fighting Fit for Life Boxing

2019 Subtle Yoga

2020 Pilates Instructor


Senior First Aid Certificate Blue Card Holder Public Liability and Professional Indemnity Insurance

for Fitness Professionals

Fitness Australia Registration No: 093257


NDIS Approved Provider


A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

Chinese Proverb



6 Gibson Street
Mango Hill, 4509



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