Are you ready to make today the first day
of your new life?

Here at Moves for a Better YOU we have a holistic approach to personal training and fitness. We can help you improve your mobility, balance and strength regardless of your current abilities, incorporating diet, exercise, lifestyle, stress management and mental health so you feel better, move better, think better and age better.


Are you ready to make today the first day of your new life?

Rose is a Personal Trainer who specialises in Holistic Health and Wellness and understands that health and happiness comes in all shapes and sizes, based on your features and hormones and the effect your environment has on your genetics.  Rose is able to design bespoke programs based on phenotype profiling using a platform called PH360.

Rose strongly believes in each individual's ability to control their life. Her belief in you is bigger than your doubt! That is why she is passionate to educate, encourage, and support people of all ages to achieve their goals. She has an understanding of your unique personal situation and provides you with the required tools to help you on your journey and works with you in a non judgemental and safe environment.

As a Certified Cancer Exercise Specialist, Rose understands that each cancer patient has their own individual journey. She is qualified to support each individual to stay active and establish healthy daily habits right from the beginning of diagnosis through the journey of prehabilitation, treatment, rehabilitation and long term support.

Rose understands that most people are challenged or limited through injuries, illnesses, body size and age. As a Functional Ageing Specialist and Brain Health Trainer, Rose can meet you where you are at and take you on a journey to achieve your goals; improving balance, strength and flexibility to provide you with freedom of choice in your daily activities. 


You can work with Rose one on one or in small groups in various locations.


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Cancer Exercise Programs

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Stability Ball and Stretching Band

Training Sessions designed to suit your individual needs and goals, in the privacy of your own home, in a PT studio or online

Personalised Health

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Explore bespoke programs based on your health type. Understand the importance of personalised food selection and timing, exercise type and timing and more. 

Yoga and Pilates 

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Yoga and Pilates classes in the Park at Mango Hill or at the Peaceful Hub Brighton.

Other small group sessions as requied.

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Your patience, compassion and understanding of people of all ages and sizes is truly amazing


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