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Peaceful Hub, 15 Lascelles St, Brighton

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Yin Yoga and Sound Immersion 

Allow us to nurture you for 2 hours with pranyama, yin yoga, meditation and sound bath followed by herbal teas and delicious nibbles.....

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Child's Pose
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The combination of yin yoga and the medicine drum allows you to connect with your body, breath and mind which can assist with releaving headaches, stress, tension, muscle aches and pains and find emotional and mental clarity.

Participants of previous sessions reported to have experienced:


  • improved quality of sleep

  • emotional release

  • a more relaxed attitude to life events

  • giving themselves permission to release their feelings

Your Facilitators

Harshani  from Hum Healing, an intuitive energy healing facilitator


Rose from Moves for a Better YOU, a holistic wellness coach yoga teacher and Pilates instructor. 


Both are passionate about helping you to be the best self!