It is Queensland Seniors week!

I only noticed reading the paper today that Queensland Seniors Week started yesterday. Reading the article in the Sunday Mail, made me want to jump on my soap box again.

1st point that I don’t agree with is, that they class anybody over 50 as a senior. Well, at the age of 51, I won a 12-week challenge in body transformation for the over 35-year-old. My closest competitors had just turned 35!

2nd point ‘Seniors week is about connecting people of all ages and background, challenging the stereotypes associated with ageing and helping reduce social isolation.’

My question is: ‘Who creates the stereotypes associated with ageing?’ To me it is like the stereotypes that make anybody’s life more difficult e.g.: perfect parents, perfect shape/size for young women, perfect mothers, fathers in addition to all the things you should acquire to live a perfect life. WHY DO WE LISTEN TO STEREOTYPES? Find your purpose, your happiness, your value and your imperfect!

3rd ‘Hopefully we all will age, and we will all age differently, so we need to challenge the perception of the process of ageing. Our senior years shouldn’t be seen as a curse. It should be seen as an achievement.’

This statement really got me thinking. I totally agree that we all age differently. I also acknowledge that illnesses like cancer, dementia, MS and many other diseases do not discriminate; however, if ageing is a curse or a blessing is not decided once you are a senior!!!!

To me, the way you age is a result of the way you live your life. What are your priorities in your younger years? Do you believe in a healthy and active lifestyle (which doesn’t mean you have to be perfect all the time!) or do you seek instant gratification? Are you willing to apply discipline, commitment and determination or do you prefer to be a couch potato?