Active August

Active August was designed to encourage every body and everybody to make a conscious decision to change their lifestyle to be more active!

We often wait for the perfect day to make changes to our lifestyle. - Every day is the perfect day. Start today! We also find all the excuses in the world: too old, too big, too inflexible, not enough time to exercise. - Believe me, I have used all of them; however, I learned that it is a matter of changing your unhealthy self-talk and a change of priorities. Understand that if you are caring for others or if you need to perform at a high level in your profession, you need to look after yourself in the first instance.

A healthy lifestyle integrates physical activities into a daily routine. - The goal is to get at least 30 minutes of activity per day. It also means to be mentally and socially active.

To be physically active, find a way to increase your daily activities: Park your car further away from work and walk, walk in your lunch break, every time you go to the toilet do 20 squats, encourage your employer to facilitate fitness sessions at lunch time, before and after work, join a gym, find a personal trainer to keep you motivated, join a small group fitness session in your community. The options are endless.

Make activities your priority!