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Diet or Exercise - which is better for your weight loss?

My first statement to this question is, that in my book there is no such thing as ‘Diet’ – Diet is Die- with a ‘t’. You deprive yourself of certain foods for an assigned period and as soon as the time has passed you over indulge in these foods and go straight back to your previous weight or even more. The question should be: What is better for your ‘healthy eating selecting healthy foods and applying portion control or exercise?’ From years of personal experience, I can assure everybody that, as much as I love exercise, it contributes to lose weight, but unless you change your way of eating, you won’t lose weight. One way of changing your way of eating is purchasing easily accessible and very expensive supplement programs and think that you are doing great. You are getting all the nutrients you need, however, if you are still overindulging with alcohol, depriving yourself of much needed sleep and not exercising – you simply won’t get the benefits. Another option is to purchase ready made healthy portion controlled meals on a regular basis. That doesn’t really teach you how to create these meals, unless you want to purchase ready made meals for a lifetime. I have never tried this option; however, I believe you will lose weight doing this. I have managed to lose weight, by strictly following a healthy, portion controlled eating plan without increasing my regular exercise regime. Although following my healthy eating plan, I have neglected portion control for periods of time, which resulted not surprisingly in me putting on weight. I have never managed to lose weight by increasing my exercise regime without adjusting my eating plan. To me the quick answer to this question is ‘NEITHER’. You need to learn how to consume healthy food in the portions adequate to your body and you need to find the moves that you enjoy, that challenge your body enough to increase your metabolism and find the determination to adhere to all the above! Sounds too difficult? – I am here to support you!

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