Personalised Health Fundamentals

Personalised Health Fundamentals

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Personalised Health Fundamentals provides you with the opportunity to understand your unique needs and begin aligning with your bodies needs to bring your life holistically closer to a balanced stage. The 12 month membership to SHAE is designed specifically for those who need a motivator, accountability partner or wellness coach. 

  • The PH Fundamentals Package includes:

    • ree initial 1.5 hr medical & metabolic type assessment
    •  1 year membership to the PH360 support app
    •  Unlimited measurements and profile updates
    • Weekly emails
    •  6 hours post assessment coaching sessions

    There is no minimum term for this product and at the point of activation the application membership is non refundable. However on the hourly rate commitment a graduated refunding policy applies meaning the value you have taken from this package will be systematically subtracted as used. 

    The hourly value is $75 per session. You will be refunded the total cost minus the application cost of $200 minus the hours used at the time of refund request. 

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