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Moves for a Better YOU have a holistic approach to health and wellness.  We focus on YOU, the complex person you are, including your personal circumstances, your mind, body, and spirit. 

We will give you the tools to :

  • Live a better, more fulfilling life.

  • Improve your mental health, manage anxiety, depression and stress.

  • Increase your strength, mentally and physically.

  • Enhance flexibility and balance.

  • Learn to relax body and mind.

Rose Pitman, Founder

Are you ready to make today the first day of your new life?

Rose strongly believes in everyone's ability to live their best life. 

Most of us are challenged or limited through injuries, illnesses, body size age and past experiences.  

As we acknowledge and accept our individuality, we can look within and discover our goals. Rose will be there to support you on your journey to a healthier and happier version of yourself. 

Finding her own path to creating positive changes in her body and mind has led her to continuous studies of functional movements, all aspects of yoga, Pilates, meditation and sound healing. 


These experiences and accreditations allow her to give you tools to strive instead of purely surviving. 

YOU will be in the driver's seat to make lasting changes and have the freedom of choice in your daily activities.

Reach your goals
Your Options
Recipes and Blog

Online, at my private gym or local 

commercial gyms and private studios

Improve strength, flexibility, balance and

live a fulfilling life exploring the best 

options for YOU. 

What do others say about me?

A female client who provided feedback


Your patience, compassion and understanding of people of all ages and sizes is truly amazing


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