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Do You Love Yoga ?

You love:

  • to have more energy

  • improving your balance,flexibility and strength 

  • increased stamina and vitality

  • being part of a community 

  • to practise outdoors

  • to practise during school hours

  • to practise in the privacy of your own home

  • to practise first thing in the morning

I have you covered!


Thursday 9:15 am to 10:15 am
Lakeside  Cr, Mango Hill near the Capestone Village.

Sessions start on Thursday 2nd of February

This is an introduction to yoga for all abilities. Enjoy a yoga class that is sequenced to guide you through a warm-up (slow and gentle movements while connecting body, mind and breath) building strength through flowing movements and cooling down while stretching on the mat and enjoying a short meditation. 

Please ensure you book your spot. 

Bring your own mat and waterbottle.

Dress in comfortable clothing according to the weather. 

If weather doesn't permit to practice in the park, the session will be facilitated on Zoom. 

This session is sponsored by Healthy and Active Moreton. Your contribution $4.00

Online Morning Yoga (Facebook Post (Landscape)).png

Feel invigorated as well as relaxed to set yourself up for your day. Roll out of bed and start your yoga practice from the comfort of your own home. All you need is space to place your mat and a mobile phone, tablet or laptop, connect to the zoom link that is emailed to you and you are ready. 

Enjoy a full body workout followed by a short meditation. Rose will be able to ensure that you stay safe during the practice and provide further instructions if required. Suitable for beginners. 

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