Be The Calm in the Storm! -
Learn to Meditate

This interactive workshop will assist you to understand the benefits of meditation and provide you with many otpions, so you can find the best meditation for you. We conclude with a self guided meditation practice accompanied by our special guest Lauchlan Hawkins and the melodic and soothing rhythms of his handpan.

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Find YOUR Option 

Many of us think they are not spiritual enough,cant be still long enough, can't stop thinking, therefore are unable to meditate.

That couldn't be further from the truth.

This workshop will assist you to:

  • Understand the benefits of meditation. 

  • Choose the best meditation option for you.

  • Create awareness of your thoughts. 

  • Learn how your breath and your thoughts control your body.

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Meet Our Special Guest: Lachlan Hawkins:

As a solo handpan artist, Lachlan's melodic rhythms soothe soul as his lyrics press deeper into themes of belonging, self-acceptance, perseverance and loss. Lachlan has shared his award-winning handpan music project "No Enemy Within" with audiences around Australia including recent performances at the Brisbane City Hall, Palm Creek Folk Festival and the Majors Creek Folk Festival. Lachlan was awarded the Lord Mayor's City Hall Concerts Award in 2018, and celebrated his debut album release "No Enemy Within" with two Highly Commended Awards at the 2019 Queensland Music Awards.

Connect with Lauchlan through his website