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The Seed Was Planted In 2006

Like most young, just married women my life revolved around my job and my family for the first 14 years of my marriage. I had always been very conscious about my weight; however, I love to cook and love to eat, so short term diets where a regular event. In my twenties I used to compete in Latin and Ballroom Dancing, worked out in a gym, swam and visited the sauna on a regular basis, but after moving to Australia and being a wife and mother, my exercise regime reduced to walking the dog. 

Jumping on the scales after a Christmas Holiday in Germany with my parents, I knew I had to change something. Like so many, my family committed to joining a gym in 2001.  Fast forward five years of working out 2 to 3 times a week following the program that I was given by the gym every three months, I was reasonably fit, but still wasn't happy with my shape. In those days I believed that this was the best I could do, due to the genetic restrictions. 

This opinion changed in 2006 when I decided to join a 12 - week challenge and make this the start of a new lifestyle! The biggest thing I learnt from the challenge was, that there are not many genetic restrictions, there are just a lot of stories you tell yourself about what you can and can't do. In these 12 weeks I learnt that:

  • Making the right food choices still allowed me to eat delicious food.

  • There is a difference between working out to make a change and working out to maintain your fitness level.

  • Our body is an amazing operating system and the only one I know that can repair itself, if given the correct treatment

  • If you really want it, you can achieve it!

Winning the challenge in the over 35 - year - old division at the age of 50 gave me a real boost in confidence in other areas of my life!  Working with a Personal Trainer for the 12 weeks had really kindled my interest in this profession, but for many different reasons, it had to be a long term-plan. 

The following year I left the company I had been working for 11 years to develop and advance my career as a workplace trainer. So, my focus and priority changed back to work.

In 2011 Bikram Yoga found me at a time where I was pretty much burnt out. Long hours at work and not being able to control my busy 'monkey brain' which was worrying about things that were out of my control. The regular practice of yoga improved my mental health within four months so much, that I was able to cope with one of the biggest challenges of my life.

The positive impact regular exercise  has had on my life made me strive for a qualification in Personal Training and Yoga, so I could share my experience and knowledge with others. After extensive training I started off with introducing my work colleagues to yoga through lunch time sessions. In 2016 I founded Moves for a Better YOU. 


In 2018 I decided to leave the safety net of full-time employment and committed to helping others to understand the importance of:

  • Listening to your body,

  • Understanding that we need to include body, mind and heart in our health journey.

  • Accepting that there is no one size fits all or best exercise/diet.

  • Trusting that you can improve at any age and from any condition.

  • Knowing that being healthy and happy takes effort.

  • Taking control of your life through exercise and nutrition. 

What do my clients say about me?



Your patience, compassion and understanding of people of all ages and sizes is truly amazing


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